About Us

The Royal is an emerging online and print magazine dedicated to providing a creative outlet for Royal Roads University students. Our mandate is to serve our campus and the Greater Victoria region where our students reside.

Our focus is on issues of local importance with select provincial and national issues included where appropriate. We accept submissions from all Royal Roads students—past, present, and future. By providing an outlet for students, we hope to contribute diverse new voices to the Greater Victoria media landscape.

The magazine was founded by former RRU students: Kelly Marion, Mike Westwick, and Zameer Karim.

The last issue was published in 2015. It had been silent up until the new team arrived.

The new team consists of the following:

Managing Editor
Ace Nidoy

Online Editor
Hillary Nguyen-Don

Senior Editor
Matt O’Connor

Staff Writers
Leah Bykovy
Kyle Christensen
Marcella De Ocampo
Lambie Hamilton
Kaylia Knauf

Dhruv Sarang

Other Contributors
Kyle Christensen
Danalen Navarrete

For inquiries, please contact:

Managing Editor:  ace.nidoy@royalroads.ca

Article submissions: ace.nidoy@royalroads.ca

Photo Contest: royalmagazinephotocontest@gmail.com
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