Seahawks Progress to Super Bowl Despite Lackluster Passing Game

Courtesy nojuanshome
Courtesy nojuanshome

“Whoa…that was a little too close for comfort,” was the collective sigh of relief for thousands of Seattle Seahawks fans across the Pacific Northwest. Seattle rallied back from a 16-0 first half deficit to beat the Green Bay Packers 28-22 in overtime and return the defending Super Bowl Champions to back to back championship games.

The Seahawks won the game on a 35-yard touchdown reception in overtime by Jermaine Kearse. In each of the four previous quarters of regulation football, Kearse had been targeted by quarterback Russell Wilson, and the University of Washington product was picked off on each occasion, including two perfectly thrown balls, which were tipped by Kearse into waiting defenders hands.

Also, in the first half of Sunday’s NFC Championship, the Seattle return game was equally inept as the offence was, with Seattle’s top receiver, Doug Baldwin, turning over the ball on the kick-off return after the Packers put their first field goal points on the board.

The Seattle offence, as was the case in the regular season goes through Marshawn Lynch. Lynch ran for 157 yards and tallied one touchdown to give Seattle their first lead in the game in the fourth quarter.

Seattle has been without a top receiver since trading Percy Harvin to the New York Jets back in October. Harvin was dealt as result of mediocre performance on the field and  reports of altercations including fights with Doug Baldwin and former teammate Golden Tate. Harvin was used as the primary kick returner during his short stint with the Seahawks and scored a beautiful touchdown on the opening second half kickoff in Super Bowl XLXIII. After the trade, the team did not replace the former pro-bowler with another top receiver. The Seahawks elected to have Russell Wilson use a myriad of receivers for the remainder of the season, but with no main threat coming to the forefront.

The Seahawks receiving corp has been very green this season. The team was using rookie receivers Paul Richardson(suffered season ending knee injury in divisional playoff win vs Carolina), Kevin Norwood and Ricardo Lockette regularly in the receiving corp, second-year wideout Chris Matthews, fifth-year Bryan Walters, third-year receiver Jermaine Kearse playing every down as well as being lead by fourth-year man Doug Baldwin. Combined in the Seahawks lineup is 14-years of experience in the wide out position.

Baldwin was arguably the third receiver last year behind Sidney Rice(he was injured after Week 6 and retired before this season) and Golden Tate who lead the team in receiving yards with 898. Baldwin had 788 receiving yards last year, and 825 this year. His nearest team mate, Jermaine Kearse had 537 yards receiving this season.

They’ve been able to win by committee, but will the existing committee be enough to beat a very experienced New England Patriots defence? “Y’all didn’t believe in us,” said Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin, “16-0, in the first half, how many of y’all counted us out? How many of y’all doubted us? It’s indicative of our entire season. Y’all don’t want to believe in us, it’s okay. You ain’t gotta believe in us because we’re going to believe in ourselves.”

But people’s belief certainly wavered after that 16-0 first half deficit. Many may have been thinking that this inexperienced group just got beat by the Packer’s stronger receiving corps led by Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. But Baldwin and his Seahawk teammates weren’t phased by the hold they had dug themselves, “You don’t win the game in the first half, you win in the second half, and what do we do? We come out and we do what we do, we play Seahawks football! We got an opportunity to do what we love, and we’ll see y’all in the Super Bowl!”

The real saviour for the Seahawks offensively has been the running game led by  Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. Lynch racked up 1,306 yards on the ground while the starting QB tallied 849 yards.

The Hawks defence has also followed up last year’s Super Bowl win with an equally stingy defence this year, keeping teams to the fewest yards against(267.1 YPG during regular season) in the league. The defence did manage two takeaways, but gave up 306 yards of offence to Green Bay on Sunday.

Fans of the team can only hope that the team’s defence and run game can lead them past New England in Super Bowl XLIX February 1st.


By Zameer Karim

Include Mental Fitness in Your Plans for Getting Healthier in 2015

Mental Health Growth
Mental Health Growth

According to Mental Health First Aid Canada (MHFA), 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental health problem by the age of 25.

Many Royal Roads University students are working and going to school, so it’s easy to get swept up in the rush of everyday life. It can be difficult to realize how much stress and anxiety we are under, and how much it really affects our mental fitness. Along with the physical stress on our bodies from lack of sleep, pushing ourselves to meet deadlines and trying to juggle a personal and professional life, stress can leak into all facets of our lives.

There are many outlets for individuals to find mental health resources, including RRU’s Coaching & Counseling Services available on campus, as well as via phone and email. An experienced and licensed counselor is on campus full time to assist RRU students who are on enrolled in any and all programs. There is also individual and team coaching available for students as the university puts a large emphasis on teamwork. RRU’s Student Services is also developing a wellness workshop series with a focus on mental health and academic success aimed to launch this spring.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada is a catalyst for improving the mental health system and changing the attitudes and behaviours of Canadians around mental health issues. Through its unique mandate from Health Canada, the MHCC brings together leaders and organizations from across the country to accelerate these changes. One of those organizations is the Canadian Mental Health Association, which  offers a helpful Mental Health Meter that defines the characteristics of mental health and offer a quiz that helps users identify strengths and areas that can be improved.

Checking in on our own mental health on a regular basis helps us take preventative measures to prepare for when we experience stress. The Mental Health First Aid course is based on self care and guarding our mental health and supporting those with mental health issues. We can help manage our stress levels by getting enough sleep each night, pre-planning the week and ensuring some downtime is available, as well as managing substance use, such as alcohol. The Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse has drinking guidelines to prevent future substance issues, identifying supports such as other students, teachers and counseling centres.

As students and professionals, many of us feel the pressure to get everything done and feel disappointed when they let something slip. Maintaining a balance can be easier said then done. For example, we might concentrate on finishing our assignment that’s due in a few days and then plan to catch up with friends afterwards. It sounds simple enough, but when we have numerous balls in the air that need to be caught, it is easy to feel inundated. So, when we have to work the night that three assignments are due, the balancing act gets tougher.For some, balance means putting more effort into their career and work over time one day, and then the next peeling themselves away from from their desks at 4:30 p.m. right on the dot.

In the meantime, when we’re juggling our personal and professional life, finding ways to cope with those emotional moments, helps us and those we are close to. As we experience large amounts of stress, it tends to affect our personal relationships. So, when we might be ready to throw our coffee mug at the computer or are about to take our frustration on a loved one, taking a breather is important. Find an activity that helps take our mind off whatever it is that we’re doing. If you’re stumped while writing an email or paper, stand up and take a walk. Physical exercise helps with maintaining mental fitness.

The MHFA points out if that many of us would know what to do if someone we knew sprained their ankle, however, chances are we wouldn’t know what to do if they were having a panic attack. If you notice a change in the behaviour of someone close to you, it’s important to recognize if someone is exhibiting signs of depression. We can all do this by increasing your own mental health awareness. If someone decides to confide in you, you can help by genuinely listening and validating their experience and giving reassurance. Besides making yourself available as part of their support system, you can also encourage them to seek appropriate professional help or informal support.

Mental Health First Aid of Canada

Mental Health Meter:

Royal Roads Link:


Article by Carissa Ng


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