The Royal Magazine Committee

Ace Nidoy
Managing Editor

Ace is enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies program, which he will complete in September. Afterwards, Ace hopes to attend law school in the fall of 2018. In the interim, he plans to move to Yellowknife to work with Indigenous peoples and learn about Northern Canadian culture. Ace’s hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, teaching dance and drawing portraits.






Lambie Hamilton
Senior Editor

Lambie grew up in the Maritimes and is currently residing in Calgary, Alberta where she is a full-time publications editor. In addition, Lambie is completing a Bachelor of Professional Communications degree, which she will receive in the spring of 2019. When she is not editing or studying, Lambie likes to sail and spend time with her husband Chris and their puppy Jake.


Dhruv Sarang

Dhruv is from Toronto, Ontario. He is attending the Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management, which comes to an end in August. He is keen on learning and exploring Victoria, and using his photography gear to document moments. In his free time, Dhruv loves to play sports, spend time with friends, and watch movies.


Kaylia Knauf

Kaylia is from Kelowna, British Columbia. She is attending the Bachelor of Professional Communications program, which she will complete in September. She is hoping to get involved in Intercultural Communications in the Dominican Republic and Canada. In her free time, she enjoys writing, learning Spanish, outdoor sports, dancing and most importantly getting to know people from around the world.


Hillary Nguyen-Don
Writer & Web-editor

Hillary is from Surrey, British Columbia. After graduating from the Broadcast and Journalism program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2015, she is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Professional Communications program at Royal Roads. Once she completes the program in December, Hillary hopes to pursue a career in the journalism industry. In her free time, she enjoys attending live shows, playing the guitar, and binge watching shows like Black Mirror and Big Brother.


Leah Bykowy

Leah is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is attending the Bachelor of Professional Communications program, which she will complete in December. She hopes to be accepted into law school for the fall of 2018, preferably at the University of Saskatchewan, and plans on pursuing human rights or Indigenous law. In her free time, Leah sings and plays piano in a Saskatoon band, and loves watching the NFL.


Marcella De Ocampo

Marcella is from Calgary, Alberta. She grew up in the Philippines, but has been a resident of Canada for almost five years. She has a diploma in Journalism and is currently taking up the Bachelor of Professional Communications program. Marcella hopes to build a career as a feature writer for certain magazines or as a communication specialist for a non-profit organization that will allow her to work with homeless children.

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